Keith’s shooting career began in 1973 where he trained as a police marksman with the Metropolitan Police in London.  During his time with the Met he qualified and was a member of the Great Britain Pistol Team and represented Great Britain Police at several international competitions. Keith now specializes in F Class long range rifle shooting where  in 2015 he qualified and was invited to join the Great Britain F Class Rifle Team. Keith has also shot competitive clay pigeon since 1974 and still shoots competitively once a month. Keith also holds a competitors licence for the United Kingdom Practical Shotgun Association. Keith is an Approved Trainer with the British Deer Society and holds Deer Stalking Certificates 1 and 2. He also holds the LANTRA approved Deer Management Certificate and is LANTRA Approved Assessor and Witness for Deer Stalking Certificate 2. Keith is  highly experienced in the art of reloading centre fire and shotgun ammunition and is the lead instructor for our reloading courses.